Oyster Mushrooms Training Program in Kenya

All about the Oyster Mushrooms Training Program in Kenya 2024.

Some of the aspects that the Oyster Mushrooms Training Program in Kenya will cover are:

1. Introduction to oyster farming
2. Requirements for starting oyster farming
3. Cost of production
4. Structure design
5. Sterilization/pasteurization (decontamination) of substrate
6. Inoculation (spawning) and conditions
7. Incubation
8. Maintaining conditions
9. Fruiting process
10. Harvesting
13. Storage
14. Marketing
15. Challenges in production and marketing
16. Cooking preparation recipe

For reservations, book your space online from the link below: Book Now!

Tel: +254 735 803 239 /+254 705 210 033 

Email: sales@mushroomkenya.co.ke 

Website: www.mushroomkenya.co.ke

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Roussoss Demmisse
Roussoss Demmisse

I'm the founder of Mushroom Kenya, a young accomplished mushroom farmer in Kenya with a 5 years plus experienced. At Mushroom Kenya we sell mushroom products and train farmers on how to grow the mushrooms.

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