Mushroom Growing Humidification & Humidifiers


Mushrooms love dark and humid environments. To cultivate mushrooms humidifiers are used to maintain an optimum air humidity of 95%rH.

Our humidification system is ideal for mushroom growing as it is a low energy humidifier with low running costs and the moisture released is totally evaporated into the atmosphere. If any droplets were to precipitate out of the air and fall onto the mushrooms it would cause brown spots to form on the fungus making them less attractive to consumers.

Island Mist provides a fully integrated system that will provide the perfect environment for the mushroom grower.


The ideal environment for cultivation, is one where humidifiers have been used to generate Relative Humidity of over 95%.  Creating and maintaining high humidity during the growing of mushrooms  remains a critical success factor. Proper humidification, ensures the reduction in weight loss, as well as eliminates loss of quality caused by dryness. At relative humidity below 90%, Mushrooms are known to lose weight rapidly. Talya Humidity’s controlled non-wetting fogging systems provide the ideal humidity conditions within the growing environment. Our Hydro humidity and temperature sensors remain unaffected in the growing environment, constantly providing up-to-the second readings within the growing conditions.

Mushroom Room Heaters


Keep your mushroom House warm during cold season with this tiny portable heater. This Quartz Heater produce Cool, warm and hot winds. It comes with Adjustable thermostat with Thermal automatic cut-out when it gets to the right temperature, which prevents overheating. This model is also designed with energy efficiency in mind. It uses either 800w/1600w of power to heat up the environment. There are two heat setting selections included.

Key features

2 Heat settings provide instant heat for your home

Carry handle to ease manoeuvrability

Simple controls

Safety tilt switch

High heating efficiency

Long Span-Life

800 Watts Two Tube Quartz Heater

Automatic Tip-Over Protect


Mushroom Shelving

  • 40-shelving-medium
  • dsc05400-medium

Shelving enables growing mushrooms on different levels.

Our Shelving?

Functionality, Safety and User-friendliness! These are the main reasons why the mushroom industry uses Mush Comb’s Supplies. Our new Shelving is completely made from aluminium, which undergoes a special treatment for hardness. Another benefit of aluminium in comparison to galvanized Shelving is the transport costs. Savings up to 60% will be achieved.

Our vision is to secure our position as most service-friendly supplier. This includes delivering a personal, honest advice based on your specific needs. Therefore we offer many standardized supplies, but we can always customize them to your specific needs.

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