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Crazy Ideas you can try to tap into mushroom market

Crazy yet ‘it works’ ideas to promote mushroom sales in a town?

Before going to sell anything first come, who are your costumers?

For mushroom they may be restaurants, groceries or may be general public.

So few thing crazy things you can try…
1. Design tree tier cycle with different posters and 3D designs of mushrooms and add music. Give delivery boy unusual look let us say like joker or else. So your delivery vehicle should be attractive if you have one. It will attract children and youngsters. You can also design posters of dishes in which mushrooms are used.

2. Go and play drama into society. Your drama should be enjoyable as well it should market your product.You can add some advantages of mushrooms with respect to health.

3. For restaurants: Made some existing dishes by adding mushrooms and give them to restaurant owners for test. If not all at least 20% like it and you can start.

4. You can hire few people, who can go to different restaurants or places where you find your costumers and they showcase that they are only eating only ” X mushrooms “.

5. One to one marketing like find person with tension and say ” no tension jab hai mushroom. so you can organize same things.

It will definitely work, if you do with craziness…..

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Oyster Mushroom Substrate Sterilization

We use wheat straw to grow oyster mushrooms in Kenya. Below is how we prepared our substrate.

1. Chopping the straws in smaller pieces of 3-4cm

2. Soak in lime water for 5mm

3. Steam Heat in the drums

4. Remove them and allow them to cool.

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