Why the penis is shaped like a mushroom

Many of our followers have been asking this question “why is the penis shaped like mushrooms?”. Yes, the question looks funny but many are eager to know.

Penis shaped Mushrooms

Mushroom Kenya has done an in depth research on this just to bring you the most accurate data in a simple and easy way to understand.

Now there is a psychologist called Gordon Gallup and academic Rebecca Burch who studied the evolution of the penis, and found out that the human penis’ mushroom cap-shaped tip exists to  cum in the vagina, with the ultimate aim of making sure their semen wins the daddy race.

Now the reason is as simple as such, so many scientists are still studying the subject and with time, more and more findings will come out.

Surprised about it? Now you are not alone, there are a whole bunch of people who are surprised including us.

What is your thoughts?

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