Mushroom Training & Mentorship

Learn from our experts with long years experience in the mushroom industry. We offer courses, trainings, consultations and mentorship to interested mushroom growers.

For us, our trainings are a journey and does not stop when the farmer leaves the farm. We strive to walk with the farmer the whole Journey till they achieve their harvest. We have a monthly training calendar, but also admit farmers whenever they are ready so a farmer can choose the following training packages;

Training Packages

1 Day Mushroom Training

The one day course covers the general mushroom farming in a summarized manner to enable the farmer have an idea of all the necessary steps in producing mushrooms. The course has less hands on thus ideal for someone who is thinking to start mushroom farming.

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3 Days Mushrooms Training

3 day Button Mushroom Course is an exclusive hands on training conducted at our farm or partner farm to equip the learner with all the knowledge and practical they need to run a successful mushroom farm. WhatsApp +254735803239 to get the course guideline.

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Button Mushroom Compost Training

Get a well detailed Button mushroom compost preparation conducted step by step from all the requirements you need, their cost/budget and the recipe on how to prepare the compost for one month.

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Medicinal Mushroom Growing Course

Grow Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Shiitake, Lions mane & turkey tail. The course details the ideal conditions, the requirements and the whole growing process step by step.

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Oyster Mushroom Growing Course

Oyster mushrooms are the easiest and cheapest type of mushrooms to grow yet the most nutritious and the second best selling mushrooms in Kenya. Grow yours today and enjoy the benefits while lowering costs.

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Mushroom Spawn/seed Production Course

Learn the art of mycology from experts in a fully fledged mycology lab. In this course, you will learn how to make different types of mushroom spawns using different methods from different mediums such as spore syringes, petri dishes, spore prints and more.

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After taking a course with us, then the journey starts. Its our delight to walk with all our trainers till they get their first harvest. During this time, we offer all the necessary support to ensure that every single investment made yield more. The mentorship packages offers the following;

Access to A mentor

The farmer is linked to an experienced mushroom farmer (Mentors) in their area or surroundings.


We have a one on one talk with the farmer to determine their needs and come up with effective solutions/advice that is customized to their needs

Access to Mushroom Network

Networking in every field is key and that is why we create platforms for mushroom community to network such as WhatsApp groups, social media groups, monthly networking events & more.

Help Sourcing Quality Inputs

Quality is key in mushroom industry, poor quality will lead to poor harvest or even loss. We help our mentees source quality inputs such as seeds, substrates & more.

24/7 Support

We are constantly helping our mentees whenever they need our support.

Access to Guide Books & Reference Materials

Mushroom requires specialized skills to make it right. We provide well researched guides to help the new farmers do it right and achieve success in this kind of farming.

Access to Spawn & Substrate

We will also be providing quality seeds imported from Sylvan South Africa or North America or Ready substrates to some farmers

Monthly Newsletter

We are now producing monthly newsletter with the latest news, trends, solutions to challenges, market updates on mushroom farming.

Yearly Mushroom Magazine

We are developing the first ever mushroom Magazine that will list trending news, solutions to problems, market updates, farmer profiles, sources of inputs and more. Service providers and consumers will be listed, it will be a one stop magazine for mushroom stuff.

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