Termitomyces titanicus, The Kienyeji Mushrooms of Kenya

These mushrooms, termitomyces titanicus are one of the most loved indigenous mushrooms among Kenyans (Kienyeji mushrooms). These mushrooms are not commonly cultivated and a lot of research on how to grow them are currently in progress.

Mushroom Kenya is currently taking lead in studying these rare yet loved mushrooms. The mushrooms are now available both dry or wet for anyone that might need them in Kenya.

4 thoughts on “Termitomyces titanicus, The Kienyeji Mushrooms of Kenya

  1. Thanks.
    I love the mushrooms.
    However, the harvesting is done poorly, such that when you eat, it is like eating sand and soil.
    Can you improve on this?

    1. Thanks Kuna on reaching out. The mushrooms should be well cleaned before cooking. The best way to clean the mushrooms is through brushing then, though you can wash them if you are eating them directly.

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