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Mushroom Kenya

Quality Button Mushroom spawn

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A15 fits a range of compost growing systems and produced medium to large mushrooms of good quality and high yield. It responds well to supplementation and produces excellent quality mushrooms for the fresh market.

A15 grow best in consistent, good quality active compost with a good differential between air and compost temperature but are tolerant of compost variation. The target for water content at filling is 66%. Optimum mycelium growth occurs by day 15 to 16 at a compost temperature of 25° to 26°. Care should be taken that the compost is not over compressed at filling, particularly if it is wet and lacks structure.

A15 produces a compact flesy mushroom with a rounded cap. Stem length is shorter in comparison to our other mechanical strains. The fruit bodies remain closed longer, are easily harvested and are particularly suitable for the small processed mushroom sector (quality and frozen)