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Organi Mushrooms & Products

Mushrooms are the best alternative to meat for those concerned about organic eating and our mushrooms are organic grown under very high hygiene.

Mushroom Training

In Mushroom farming, one needs the skills to make it a success, from our numerous research activities, we constantly get better ways of maximizing productivity.

Mushroom Consultancy

Our experts are always available to help in whatever capacity you need to, just reach us or visit our offices

Mushroom Seeds for Hotter areas

Because Mombasa is very hot, we have come up with a seed that can withstand the higher temperatures and thrive well..

Mushroom Farm Tours

Our Mombasa farm is open to tours for agritourism experts to enjoy the best of traditional living, food and fun.

Mushroom Equipment & Machinery

One of the challenge in mushroom is that most of the inputs are scartered, we collect them for you in one place.

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Your MUSHROOM Project

We are very willing to help you in establishing your mushroom project or mushroom diet to ensure that you get the best. Keep in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We are Best Mushroom Farm in the coast

Our mushrooms are fully organic grown under very high hygienic conditions. We deliver fresh from the farm upon order to ensure that our clients get the best of our products.

The Mombasa farm has enabled us to conveniently deliver fresh mushrooms within minutes of order.

Ceo and Co-Founder of Mushroom Kenya

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Clients Feedback

We are ever since getting fresh mushrooms in Mombasa, no more brown mushrooms, No imports; We have saved a lot with these guys.

John Smith


The mushrooms we serve are organically grown from an organically certified farm in Mombasa, this has brougt so much confidence in our clients

Marya Simmons

Hotel Manager

Organic mushrooms, fresh and hygienically grown, our clients love them

Michael Jackson

Grocery Store Owner, Diani