Mentorship Packages




Linked with a mentor in your area

Mushroom consultancy

Free monthly Networking event slot

Meentees whatsap group

Monthly Newsletter




Standard package services

Assistance in sourcing quality inputs like seeds

Guide books

Market overview & linkage




Professional package services


Farm Feature in our blog & social sites

Feature in our Magazine




Advance package features

Farm visit by one of our agents

Up to 50 bags of ready substrates

up to 50% Market for produce

One time fee

What’s Included in our Hosting Packages

A mentor

We link the farmers to experienced mushroom farmers (Mentors) in their area or surroundings.


We have a one on one talk with the farmer to determine their needs and come up with effective solutions/advice that is customized to their needs

Access to Mushroom Network

Networking in every field is key and that is why we create platforms for mushroom community to network such as whatsap groups, social media groups, monthly networking events & more.

Monthly Newsletter

We are now producing monthly newsletter with the latest news, trends, solutions to challenges, market updates on mushroom farming.

Sourcing Quality Inputs

Quality is key in mushroom industry, poor quality will lead to poor harvest or even loss. We help our mentees source quality inputs such as seeds, substrates & more.

24/7 Support

We are constantly helping our mentees whenever they need our support.

Mushroom Magazine 2019 Issue

We are developing the first ever mushroom Magazine that will list trending news, solutions to problems, market updates, farmer profiles, sources of inputs and more. Service providers and consumers will be listed, it will be a one stop magazine for mushroom stuff.

Guide Books & Reference Materials

Mushroom requires specialized skills to make it right. We provide well researched guides to help the new farmers do it right and achieve success in this kind of farming.

Mushroom spawns or Ready Substrate

We will also be providing quality seeds imported from Sylvan South Africa or North America or Ready substrates to some farmers


The first time i tried mushroom farming i lost almost all my produce due to poor hygiene and mixing of the substrate quantities. When i registered with this programme, i was linked to a mentor in my area who took me through the whole process, one day after another till harvest time. I got good harvest for my crop and it fetched good prices at the market.

Erick Odhiambo

Button Farmer, Kisumu

I dint know how to get started in mushroom farming and even where to get the inputs, but mushroom Kenya helped me access the inputs and guided me all the way. This ensured that i avoided mistakes and got good harvest.


Lexcie mwakidede

Oyster farmer, Voi

I started with Button mushrooms, but when i wanted to grow my farm and add button mushrooms. I didn’t have enough knowledge and that is when i bought a mentor ship package with mushroom Kenya where i got better services.


Njenga kariuki

Button Mushroom farmer, Nakuru.