Magic Mushrooms Grow kit Instructions

With this pre-grown mycelium grow kit, you can grow your magic mushrooms in less than 2 weeks!
Without any extra knowledge or ‘hard to get’ equipment, you can grow many harvests of Psilocybe Cubensis. Growing can’t get any easier than this!!
The mycelium is ‘pre-grown,’ which means that all the difficult work with fungi spores has been done in our lab. It is  not as simple as ‘plug and play,’ but as long as you follow our manual, you will have the best chance to succeed.
The Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Tutorials are not in the package we send you; you can only find them via our website.

STEP 1: Unboxing

STEP 2; Pinheads

  • Take the mycelium cake out of the plastic box
  • Poor some room temperature tap water over the mycelium
  • Put the mycelium back in the bag (without plastic box)
  • Close and fold the bag again, with the micro-holes up, so it will get enough oxygen.
The top layer of the grow kit cake might have been too full of mycelium, and/or dried out a bit. By taking the cake out of the plastic box, the shrooms will grow from all sides.


STEP 4: Harvest

The best time is just before the skin underneath the caps starts to loosen up.
NOTE: Sometimes THE KIT does not come in large ‘flushes.’ Instead, it gives a continuous flow of individual shrooms, one after another. That can continue up to 6 weeks. 
If so, start harvesting the shrooms that are ready and allow the other shrooms to continue growing.
Our grow kits can produce several harvests. In fact, re-harvesting can be repeated 1 – 3 times. After harvesting your first flush, clean the surface of the grow kits, by removing the old and not matured mushrooms. This gives the new mushrooms the ability to grow. Mushrooms consist of about 90% water, so the grow kit needs a lot of new moisture for the next flush. Therefore:
  • Fill the grow kit with clean tap water.
  • Place the lid back on. Let the grow kit soak for 12-24 hours.
  • Open a corner of the lid, & drain the excess water.
  • From here you can follow the instructions from STEP 1. 

Finally its time to eat. Make sure you chew the shrooms very very well on an empty stomach. That way all the active substances will be absorbed by your body.


Beginning trippers

Start with consuming 10 grams of fresh shrooms.

Advanced trippers

Start with consuming 20 grams of fresh shrooms.

Fresh Shroom Dosages

10 grams – light trip 15 grams – medium trip 20/30 grams – strong trip 50 grams – ’heroic’ trip

Dried Shroom Dosages

1/1.5 grams – light trip 2.5 grams – medium trip 3 grams – strong trip 5 grams – ’heroic’ trip


What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, a.k.a shrooms, contain the hallucinogenic compounds called psilocybin. When consumed, this compounds lead you to hallucinate or have a “trip.”

What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

The effects of shrooms vary by person, dosage, and environment. The following are a general list of effects and do not include & define all shroom experiences: Positive Effects



*Spiritual insight


*Feelings of wonder

*Better flow of ideas (on creative and philosophical ordeals)


*Emotional sensitivity

*Changes in time perception

*Light sensitivity

*Visual hallucinations (open and closed-eye)

*Pupil Dilation



*Intense fear





How long does a magic mushroom trip last?

A magic mushroom trip typically lasts 4-8 hours, depending on how heavy your dosage is. It takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to take effect. Sometimes even 2 hours.

How long do shrooms last in your system?

Shrooms last in your system for about 24-72 hours.

Can you die from shrooms?

As the great Terence McKenna once said “Only from astonishment.”

Can shrooms give you brain damage?

No, shrooms cannot give you brain damage.

Can magic mushrooms cure depression?

Fundamentally, magic mushrooms (psilocybin) is not a cure for symptoms, illnesses or mental disorders. Rather it may give insightfulness and objective perspective for why a person is depress, therefore offering clearness for the cloudy mind.

This pre-grown mycelium Magic Mushroom Grow Kit can produce up to 150 grams of fresh Magic Mushrooms
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