Mushroom farming in Nigeria

As Nigeria diversifies its economy from an oil dependent economy to make Agriculture its mainstay, many are beginning to think outside the box. This implies that agriculture will no longer be treated as a way to make something by the side but a real business. A lot of Nigerians including the young ones have keyed… Continue reading Mushroom farming in Nigeria

Lion’s Mane Grow Kit Instructions |Mushroom Kenya

We are so excited you have chosen to purchase Mushroom Kenya’s Lion’s Mane Grow Kit! Please follow the instructions below for best results and If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to us via phone +254 735 803 239 / +254 705 210 033 or via email at How to prepare the… Continue reading Lion’s Mane Grow Kit Instructions |Mushroom Kenya

How long does mushroom take to grow?

The entire process to grow mushrooms from spores to fully mature mushrooms takes 1-2 months for most commonly homegrown mushrooms that grow on compost or similar substrates (oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, etc.). Magic (Psilocybe) mushrooms also can go from spores to mature mushrooms in 1-2 months.

Mushroom farming in Kenya

Mushroom farming in Kenya is on the rise since the year 2012 and many farmers have been asking questions such as; Is mushroom farming profitable in Kenya?, How much money do you need to start a mushroom farm?, How can I start mushroom farming in Kenya?, Where can I learn mushroom farming in Kenya? and… Continue reading Mushroom farming in Kenya