Oyster Mushrooms Growing Kit Instructions
Oyster Mushrooms Growing Kit Instructions

Grow Kit Instructions

Oyster Mushrooms

Set-up, Environment & First Crop
  • Our kits are ready to fruit, for best results start the process below as soon as you receive it.
  • Sanitise a sharp blade.
  • Cut into the kit along the 'X' that is marked for you, 2-3cm is ideal
  • Place the grow kit in a mild spot (20c) inside your home that does not receive any direct sunlight e.g. kitchen bench, laundry or bathroom (our favourite). At cooler temperatures the mushrooms will grow at a slower pace and at warmer temperatures a faster pace.
  • Mist the cut surface once per day with water. Do not peel back the cut and spray the sawdust directly, just the surface of the bag. There is already the perfect amount of moisture inside. The evaporation away from the surface of the bag helps to trigger the growth, think about how mushrooms appear in the wild after a rainfall.
  • Stop misting once you see small mushrooms starting to emerge from the cut. If you do not see mushrooms emerging after 5 days, please email us a photograph of the cut surface and we will help troubleshoot it for you.
  • It is normal to see small mushrooms sprouting inside the bag, it is important to leave these alone and keep the bag taped tightly. Do not make extra cuts or open the bag any further. The main mushrooms will soon take over through the 'X' cut.
Harvest, Storage & Second Crop
  • The mushrooms are ready to harvest once the majority of the caps have become wavy in appearance (see photo below). Typically, this takes 5-7 days from when pins first appear. If you notice spores beginning to drop from the caps this is also a good indicator that they are ready to harvest. Please email us with a picture if you would like confirmation.
  • To harvest, grab the whole cluster of mushrooms at the base and gently pull it off. It should come away with very little resistance. Once the cluster has been removed, trim away the sawdust and tough parts of the stems.
  • The mushrooms will last up to 5 days in the fridge if kept in a plastic container that is lined with paper towels.
  • Once harvesting is complete, remove any leftover debris from the opening ensuring the sawdust is now exposed.
  • Start misting the cut surface of the kit again, once per day. Subsequent harvests may take anywhere from 3-14 days to appear. If no new mushrooms appear after 7 days, stop misting for the next three days and email us a picture of the cut surface so that we can help troubleshoot it for you.
The bag will produce the vast majority of it's mushrooms in the first harvest, any subsequent harvests will be much smaller. If you have any concerns about your grow kit, please send photos or questions through to: sales@mushroomsbythesea.co.nz and we will be happy to help. Tip: To maximise your total yield, find a shaded spot in your garden after the second harvest is complete and break up the contents of the grow kit onto the ground. If there is no rain forecast, water the patch for the first few evenings and stop once you see signs of growth.
Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

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